The Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland offers a dispute resolution service for small and small businesses in the SEQ, which consume less than 100 kilolitres of water per year. Service providers outside South East Queensland must comply with the Directive on the establishment of a residential water tariff outside south-east Queensland (PDF, 924KB). Water authorities have discretion over how their system works. If they (or the taxpayers of their territory) are not convinced that the benefits of the Authority justify their costs, they may try to transform into an alternative institutional structure: note: they must own the infrastructure at the time of application. They cannot apply on the basis of planning or authorization documents for water supply or sanitation. As a service provider, you must publish regulatory documents on water and sanitation services for your customers. The Queensland government, through the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, will work closely with water and local governments to manage the transfer or transition to other agreements. There are 5 municipal water companies that provide water and sanitation services to south-east Queensland (SEQ) and commercial businesses, and they are subject to a number of customer protection provisions. Category 2 water authorities should follow the Public Interest Information Rules Management Procedure (DOC, 425 KB) in order to comply with the provisions of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010. The following agencies must register as service providers prior to water supply and/or sanitation: Below, you will find the two codes of conduct specifically related to recreational water activities: Authorities should also refer to other sections of this guide in order to obtain information on other requirements they must meet as water suppliers.

The Safety in Recreational Water Activities Act 2011 sets out the principles for safe and healthy jobs that perform recreational water activities for others. It describes what you need to do to ensure the health and safety of people who do boating. It also imposes legal obligations on you and your workers. Your customers can read the Queensland Water and Sanitation Provider`s Performance Assessment Report (PDF, 3.2MB) to check your performance in providing water and sanitation services compared to other providers. To apply, complete the application for re-enrollment as a service provider (PDF, 432KB) and send an email to Please fill out the corresponding form and send an email to After-sales service standards describe how, as a service provider, you provide water and sanitation services to your customers. Standards apply to activities such as: If your company offers recreational activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving, you must respect Queensland`s safety in recreational water laws and occupational health and safety laws. Water services will be implemented as part of the Water Act 2000 to carry out a number of local water activities. They are classified as either Category 1 or Category 2. Category 1 water services operate to a much greater extent than Category 2 water authorities, which are only permitted to serve a few landowners. You don`t need to register if you own the infrastructure that only provides recycled water.

In addition, duties and duties are entrusted to public servants, workers and others in a place where recreational water activities are offered. Before deciding on dissolution or conversion, you should consider provisions for the continuation of water-related services, including how assets are transferred and managed. When the boards of directors are appointed, the

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