On May 27, 2014, Kris Wu discontinued advertising with Exo and its Exo-M sub-unit following a complaint against SM Entertainment. On October 10, 2014, Luhan followed him. [168] Both members officially left the group on July 21, 2016. [71] Tao took an official break during the exodus promotions due to injury and filed a complaint against SM on August 15, 2015, who officially left Exo on March 15, 2018. [169] [170] After the pursuit of Tao, Exo won the court for his albums as a full band, not in M and K units. In late 2015, Exo officially confirmed Star Wars: The Force Awakens with the release of a collaborative film that « presented the nine members of Exo in a Star Wars-inspired world, where clubs are « Jedi Only » and where you wear lightsabers. » [257] In 2016, the group became an ambassador for the American shoe company Skechers, making it 2 Sweet Monster Collection by D`Lites. This partnership extended to Skechers events such as the Sweet Monster K-Pop Dance Competition 2017, which was attended by members of Exo Chanyeol and De Sehun. [258] In 2016, the group also became the official face of the international clothing brand SPAO`s spring collection, which contained postcards and posters for limited edition customers. [259] Most idol groups sign 7-year contracts with their agencies, when the second renewal negotiations arrive, some idols choose a different path and some leave the group, sometimes the Agency decides with the group members to dissolve the group if each member has a different path in mind. 2. EXO on Radio-Star in December 2019. When the band showed up in the show, they expressed their disappointment at SM and the neglect towards the band and as SM called all minimalism. The band even shared that despite their burgeoning popularity with Growl, when they sold their first album of millions of dollars (when SM built an entire building with that money), there wasn`t enough food for the members to eat sometimes, so they were going to fight and it took about 3 years until 2014-5 , after which members say they get better treatment for a while then he left and SM started minimalism with his returns (no album promotions, cheap MVs, no international tours (which bring the most profits to artists on the basis of contracts) although the band brings each year more and more profits and most of all SM artists.

This year again, EXO will continue to earn the biggest profit in 2020, when rumors of EXO-SC-Repackage and Kai Solo debuts will take place. Exos Don`t Mess Up My Tempo`s fifth studio album was released on November 2, 2018. [122] Don`t Mess Up My Tempo contained all nine exo members – the band`s first outing since Lotto in 2016. [122] The album received 1,104,617 pre-orders, surpassing the band`s previous record. [123] The album was a commercial success and sold 1,179,997 times until November 30, making Exo « five million sellers » in the media. [124] With the release of Don`t Mess Up My Tempo, Exo was the first artist to surpass 10 million album sales in South Korea. [124] The album debuted at number 23 on the Billboard 200 with 23,000 corresponding album sales and first place in independent albums and billboard world albums. [125] [126] The album is Exo`s highest chart album on the Billboard 200 and the fourth number one album on the World Albums Charts. [125] Love Shot was released on December 13 as a new version of Don`t Mess Up My Tempo. [127] The single lead, also called « Love Shot », became Exo`s third number one single in the world of digital song charts and held the position three weeks in a row. [128] [129] Don`t Mess Up My Tempo sold 1,951,879 copies in South Korea in 2018 and is Exo`s best-selling album.

[130] Since its inception, exo members have engaged in charitable activities, such as volunteering and personal donations to organizations such as child care, the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation, the Siheung Women`s Resources Development Center and medical care in China`s Hunan Province. [268] [269] [270] [271] On January 5, 2016, SM Entertainment won one of its counter-shares against Tao in

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